Margot Robbie the 2018 oscars - double w connection

The Oscars 2018

For this decode i had the four base ciphers on as well as the satanic cipher and the Jewish ordinal cipher.

They will be held on march 4th 2018.
March fourth = best actress =131, 166

131, 125 = championship 
131= super bowl

The philadelphia eagles just won the super bowl. This is why I think that best actress winner will be dictated by this Philadelphia narrative.

It’ll be 40 days between the nomination announcements on jan 23 or 1/23 like 123=conspiracy (like ABC conspiracy 123, so simple as do re me) 
and the actual ceremony on march 4th. It’s late this year because nbc is running the olympics until the end of February. 

Didn’t want this to turn into a bridge collapse decode but i saw that Margot Robbie is nominated for playing tonya Harding who got famous for busting up Nancy Kerrigan’s knee to keep her out of the Winter Olympics. The Winter Olympics are the reason the Oscars have been post poned. Margot Robbie is currently 27 years old and was born on 2/7 or July second. 27 is a number associated with ritual. I thought of the 27 club and good old Thomas Brodie Sangster who was born on the thirty third anniversary of the opening of the Walt Whitman bridge on may 16th. 1990. The bridge will turn 61 years old this year. Philadelphia =61= the academy awards 

Margot Robbie = 125= Philadelphia, Pennsylvania =best actress = march fourth 
Best actress = march fourth = 516 satanic 516 like 5/16.
From the oscars 3/4 to the anniversary of the Walt Whitman’s opening 5/16 is 74 days or 2 months 13 days. Or 1776 hours!

Side note: 88 days is 2 months and 27 days.

Margot was born in Dalby which is very close to Dolby  the name of the Theater where the oscars will be held—
Dalby = 44
Trump is the 44th person to be president and recently introduce a 4.4 T budget that included money for the infrastructure.
dalby Australia = 47, 146, 137
Trump = 47
Trump’s birthday is 14/6
137 the 33rd prime and like 13/7  or July 13th 

131 days after the oscars will be July 13 a Friday. 
Friday the 13th= 61, 118 these numbers are both related to philadelphia.
Friday the thirteenth = 106, 101, 223, 213 Jewish ordinal, 888 satanic.
Prophecy = 106
Philadelphia = 101, 223
213 like 2 months 13 days between the oscars and the anniversary of the bridge opening. 
The Golden Gate Bridge is on the 101

Trump said in a speech that he was worried about bridges falling down ( three billboards outside ebbing missouri - bill boards are large signs, ebbing means a falling down of current , and those folks native to missouri know they call it misery) like a falling current-falling currency creates misery? -stock market collapse - hm 

The guy who designed the Walt Whitman is named Othmar Ammann. Which reminds me of Amman Jordan the original philadelphia.  These two cities are on the same ley line. 
Othmar Ammann = 131, 40
131 is the 32 prime 
40 days between the nomination announcements and the ceremony
America= circle = 32, 50

It’s 3 days  including the end date between the anniversary of the opening of the golden gate and the anniversary of the opening of the silver gate or gateway arch. 
 Three days is relevant to the ressurection of Christ.  And i have a theory that the gateway arch is the silver gate. 

It’s 11 days between 5/16  the anniversary of the opening of the Walt Whitman and 5/27  the anniversary of the opening of the golden gate

Now 12/5 was the date that the new horizons probe took a picture of wishing well. Double w theme on wishing well and kind of on wolf of Wall Street.   12/5 was also the date that Margot Robbie was on jimmy kimmels show though the interview was conducted by Chris Pratt. Jimmy Kimmel will be hosting the Oscars this year al the Dolby theater. Dolby, d’Arby, Dalby.  Also a song by Terence Trent D’arby  called wishing well that has lyrics  “Cupid by the hour sent valentines to my sweet lover and me.” So the song wishing well connects to Philly, to love, to outer space.


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