Walt and Oscar, the pedestrian bridge, Apollo stuff

Walt and Oscar, the pedestrian bridge and Adonis Johnson

I was wondering if Walt Whitman had an Oscar connection and it turns out that Walt Whitman met Oscar Wilde on January 31st 1882. In Camden New Jersey. Or 1/31.
Oscar Wilde was 27 and Walt Whitman was 62.
3 months and 15 days after wilde’s 27th birthday. Or 107 days. Walt Whitman was born on may 31st the meeting was four months before is birthday. Or 35 weeks and 1 day after his 62nd birthday.

God = 131 (satanic)

I found out earlier that micheal b Jordan has been in three movies directed  by Ryan coogler.  Ryan’s birthday is may 23rd. Or 5/23, those three movies are: Black panther = 48, 213 Creed = 35, 26, 28 Fruitvale station = 212, 206 (JO)

MBJ’s birthday is Feb 9th 2/9. Black Panther released a week, seven days, after his 31st birthday. 
Both Michael B Jordan and Ryan Coogler are from Oakland. The character Killmonger from black panther is from Oakland.   Creed is about the son of Apollo Creed who moves from LA to Philly once he decides …
John Mellencamp and easy target
This ain’t no little ditty bout bo jack and Diane - although i do think that that show was named after that song. Kimmie schimidt even does a tribute to John Mellencamp when the revered in is the courtroom beguiling the judge the jury and even Kimmie’s lawyers and “the reverend” says he was sucking on chili dogs out side the tasty freeze someone in the audience yells “Mellencamp!” Bojack horseman = 54, 81 the ritual number, 135 the philadelphia number and 243 the 3 to the fifth power number that ive related to justin timberlake but also matches  up with “false flag event” and “Golden Gate Bridge,” and “Kobe bean Bryant.” Who got nominated for an Oscar, was from philly. KBB initials like Kelley blue book haha or 11.2.2 or 1122 like the JFK assassination date!
Any way this was a performance on The late show with Stephen Colbert =146 which explains why he’s the hardest on trump out of all late night talk show hosts. Because trumps birthday is June 14th or 14/…

Baby’s first Youtube video

Hey everyone, i posted my first gematria vid tonight, it’s not the best as far as info goes, but it was a good exercise for me to figure out if that’s something i want to do. I have to say that it is fun to create anything, and its also really interesting to try to talk all theses ideas out in a short period of time. Anyway please check it out, let me know what you think and please be kind!!
I think ill try to figure out bitchute, since everyone seems to be moving to that sight. Thanks in advance for your input/time.

three oscars theme

I’m downloading - the moon /the eagles. Thinking about a bird moon or a moon bird, which made me think of the dove, columbine. i think the moon is a symbol of Islam. The moon is feminine, the moon controls the tides. The shape of water just won best picture, its about a woman who makes it with a fish monster. Easter will be in the sign of Pisces. 
We’re at the dawning of the age of Aquarius- aquarius sign is a woman pouring out water from a jug.  Water and time both flow, think about the Hollywood Time’s up ‘movement’
Oprah tributes in the form of “you get a car” riffs. “You get a line” for some phone company. I was watching the new show, “good girls” about three good women who turn to a life of crime, and one of the characters says “you get a laptop, everybody gets a laptop!” And i know there are a few more recent references that im missing. And from now on i will associate the number 129 with oprah first because her birthday is 1/29.
Cryptocurrency investors use the word “moon” to indica…

Moon -2009 movie decode

Watching the movie Moon with Sam Rockwell, its about a guy who’s on the moon working for a mining company. Kevin Spacey is in it so i had to watch it. This will be a record of my thoughts as I watch the movie - it may be disjointed, you might not get it if you haven’t see the movie. It’s 1 hour 37 minutes long. Came out july 10, 2009. 10/7/2009 God=17
Lunar industries LTD = 240, 1440 (Sumerian) Sam Rockwell = 132, 42, 165, 66, 517(satanic) The 165 along with the title “Moon” sort of settled whether or not i should watch this movie.  Mining Base Sarang = 153, 72, 99, 713, 146(JO) Holy bible = 153 7/2 and 7/13 are dates ive been directed toward.  jesus christ = 146 14/6 is the trump b day stamp. Trump is the 44th king, Israel’s best ally.
In the moments before i started the movie i wondered if walt Whitman had written anything about the moon and it turns out he wrote a short poem asking the moon to shine light on purple, swollen, dead bodies. The poem is entitled, “look down, fair moon” = 760 (sat…

Once Upon a Time in Shaolin - Kim Walli

Once upon a time in shaolin - Kim wall death by the numbers.

Once upon a time in shaolin is the name of a wu-tang album that sold for over a million dollars to an asshole pharma bro who decided to raise the price of an essential aids mediation from $13.50/pill to $750/pill. That asshole pharma douchbag’s name is Martin shkreli. Notice the 135 in the original price - like the key of david Daraprim =  The record was produced by cilvaringz and RZA.

Once upon a time in shaolin was a single sale collectors item, meaning there is only one copy in existence. It comes with a 174 page booklet of lyrics and articles. It cost Martin Shkreli 2 million dollars. Funny enough thee is a clause in the contract that allows bill Murray to steal the album in a heist. There’s another clause in the album contract that states the album content cant be realeased for 88 years. Gold old 88. Bill Murray = 131, 139, 67, 122(jo) 131 the lunar eclipse  date and number that pointed me to Friday the thirteenth of july. Or 1…

Barbara Streisand clones her dogs - may 16th- Rocky stuff

Barbra Streisand cloned her dogs
Ressurection in the year off the dog. 
Cloned =318  318 mentions of the return of Christ in the New Testament. Barbra striesand =151, 61, 144 (JO) Jesus Christ = 151
The original dog was named Sammie. Or Samantha. Babs had two dogs cloned from Samantha and adopted another while she was waiting for her clones to arrive.  The clones were named miss scarlet and miss violet. Like the crown chakra is violet  and the base chakra is scarlet. Also, Makes me think of the three headed dog of hades, Cerberus . I also thought of  out of one many. A while back when i was still watching daytime tv i saw an interview with Ellen and Barbra Striesand in which Babs let everyone know that four is her favorite number. So according to these articles she’s got three outta four dogs living at the moment. 3 of 4 is 75 percent and babs is 75 years old. Miss violet =143, 44, 62 (SR), 127 Miss scarlet = 138. 39 , 66, 523 (satanic), 131 (Jew Ord) 
Ive been seeing the number 143 a lot and …