3/26 - whoomp there it is - game over follow up

3/26.  Whoomp there it is. More game over stuff.

3/26 the day that Walt Whitman died and the day of the synaxis of the archangel Gabriel. Walt Whitman died at the age of 72. 72 relates to July second the half point of the year, 72 stairs up the art museums steps in philly, the building itself makes reference to the nine muses. Found out today that robin Williams is involved in this riddle with the rock and rocky and rocks moving in an earthquake, the wwe and all kinds of things. 

Interesting that Gabriel is also associated with July 13th. Oct 16 or 16/10. And nov 8.

so the term tag team made me think of the song “whoomp there it is”  by Tag Team.  I listened to it and the guy calls himself DC THE BRAIN supreme., the other guy is named Steve and even references the undertaker. Check out themindlessfreaks.blogspot.com for more info on the pinky and the brain thing. It’s funny cause he says -“these three words when you’re gettin busy ‘whoomp there it is’”
Which is four words. 
Whoomp there it is = 76
Shakalaka = 65, 61

In my break down of “game over man” i forgot to mention a couple of things that didnt seem relevant yesterday but since Dan B put out the video called “Austin Bomber connections to wrestlemania 34 follow up video” me, him, and Zenith of the Alpha have been chipping away at this riddle about  bridges/philly/the rocky movie franchise/WWE/so much more.

Game over follow up - 

Before he dies, Donald the black nerd opens his lunch box to a which ‘wich hoagie. Double W theme.

The cameras are labeled 54, 112, and 44.
Love = 54
Kill = 44
The bad guys start “operation trespass”. The name reminds me of the Lord’s Prayer, forgive us our trespasses.
Operation trespass = 77
The term is said when there is 1:17 left in the movie.
Thirteen = 117 

The workaholics gang is dressed in black and white for the entire movie.

Steve Howey is the name of the actor who is in this movie as well as “unleashed” and  plays the character Kevin in  the showtime series “shameless” his b day is July 12th. 
From 3/22 til 7/12 is 112 days, or 3 months 20 days.

The dewd crew flees from danger  on the 6th floor to the staircase, and do a bannister slide just for fun, ANders falls, turns out there’s at A4

Kinda like 1/4 or Easter. 

All the hostages get a collar that explodes. 
Collar = 61, 101, 25

Close only counts in horseshoes and hand-grenades.
Horseshoes = 131, 50, 77 (SR), 139.
Hand-grenades = 100, 55, 64 (SR), 199, 
Horseshoes and hand-grenades = 239 (JO).

Adam’s character uses autoerotic asphyxiation gone wrong to create a distraction and “hide” from the bad guys. Recall that Chris Cornell’s reported cause of death involved hanging and Chester Bennington hung himself. Both deaths labeled “suicide by hanging,” and have this autoerotic asphyxiation thing attracted. Think about how an orgasm is called “the little death” in French. Sex is a generative act. Killing yourself during the generative act. Ressurection?

Autoerotic asphyxiation = 108, 117(SR), 306, 126.

Apparently Eagle eye has been watching bey.
Thought of the song save tonight by eagle eye cherry, mostly talks of wanting to extend the moment.  But kinda goes to the halftime/equinox theme. The movie came out two days after the equinox. 
Two = 13, 58
Bey = 32, 14, 63, 137(satanic), 49

There are a lot of unnecessary cameos in this movie one of which being the appearance of Steve O from Jackass. Who started out as a CLOWN. He’s there’s just to get murdered.  Before he dies he says — “Knoxville you can come out now.” = 113

The bey went to Florida State. The bad guys try to kill Lil Puma but get the 6 and 9 mixed up. 69 is the sign of cancer/David Bowie/falcon heavy/space theme.

Blake doesn’t know who Tom Brady is, Blake thinks Tom is a part of the Brady bunch/ Brady buncheon house/ Florence Henderson as ms. Brady/ her death. The guys amp themselves up to be Tom Brady by barking, like underdogs. Which the eagles were against tom Brady in the last super bowl.

Adam’s character  acts like a bitch when he loses at a round of “ROCK paper scissors” = 235 (reverse ordinal).

Police car 47-21 pulls up but doesn’t help much. It’s the LAPD.
The guys tell them they fell out of room 917 or “nine seventeen” = 151, 61, 65(RFR) 

917 factors are 7 and 131!
Divisors sum to 1056!

The name of the porno vid game console is skintendo joysuit.

Skintendo =  666 (Sumerian), 39, 132, 51.

The bad guys ask for the code to the money safe thingy. It’s -
53 22 02 33 69 420 69 tee hee. 

Ok this is off topic but one of the bad guys names is Conrad which reminds me of the musical bye bye birdie. The plot was a loose adaptation of Elvis going into the military. One of the songs in bye bye birdie goes “we love you Conrad oh yes we do, when you’re not near us we’re blue” blue moon? Elvis also sang about a hunk of burning love, stole a song about a hound dog,  and was depicted as a sun god.

Conrad calls the only woman villain a lunatic, which has that Luna/moon connotation. Earlier in the movie the woman villain cuts off the genitalia of the home alone guy.

There’s a hostage situation like any good 80’s action movie and one of the hostages/cameos is Chris pontius of Jackass “fame.”
Pontius connects to the name of the man who absolved himself of fault for Jesus death. Pontius Pilate was some kind of Roman beuracrat who processed Jesus crucifixion/ death sentence.

Turns out the baddest of the bad (really really bad) is the guy who was posing as the bey’s butler. The butler says he has 106 hostages.
Prophecy = 106.

Shaggy was in the hotel to do a benefit for the victims of the Haiti earthquake, and ends up singing “it wasnt me” at gunpoint.

Notice the door number and the time stamps. 612, 54, 46.
Those all relate to the Stoneman Douglas shooting.
Silence of the LAMBS reference to Buffalo bill and lotion.
Adams favorite movie is the Robin Williams movie Flubber.


Throughout the movie Adam is the fool, hes the loser of the group and he keeps falling into success. He never has a plan and everything keeps working out. 
Adam says he wants Sean Austin to play him when mark Cuban from the tv how “Shark Tank” approaches them to say he wants to make a video game out of their story.
Anders says Mark Paul Gosslaar 

Zenith of the alpha has connected gosslaar to Saturn thru the show saved by the bell.

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