Random Oscar thoughts. Rocky IV

So last year Faye dunaway and Warren Beaty  gave the Oscar that was supposed to go to moonlight to la la land. 

From April fools day til Margot Robbie’s birthday on July second is 13 weeks 1 day. 

Check out the numerology of April first:  5, 16, 43, 14. 

Like 5/16 and4/3 the eropean way to write march fourth. And 1/4 like the european way to write april first. 

45 days from easter to the 16th of may. 46 including the end date;46 refers to sacrifice.
The ash wednesday massacre happened on the 45th day of the year. 

Easter is the celebration for the ressurection of the Christian messiah. 

On March third there was A story about Rick Ross and 50 Cent. Both of these guys are 42 years old. Rick Ross has been hospitalized due to some self cardiac issue. But I was thinking about 50 Cent and how it’s a half dollar. Which goes with my half theme. And also who’s on the 50 Cent piece.? JFK.  In the article that I read 50 Cent is quoted as saying if he dies he dies”, which is a reference to Rocky IV and Dolf Lundgren. Who I believe is Russian.  Rocky connects back to philly and one of zenith of the alphas most recent videos. Rocky IV came out on my birthday. Nov 27 1985. I tuned three that day.  
Three = 54 
I was born at 5:04 am. Hm!
Anyway, Sylvester Stallone= 63, 99, 243, 216
2/16 the start of the year of the dog, the date black panther was released. Michael b Jordan is in black panther and plays Apollo creeds son in the rocky franchise spinoff movie franchise. 
Rocky IV is about a Christmas Day fight. On christmas we prepare for Saint Nicholas to come and leave gifts. But Saint Nicholas day is December 5th. Or 12/5.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania = 243 Jewish ordinal.
243 is three to the fifth power and its a number that ive seen throughout my studies ever since i thought it would be Steelers vs eagles in the super bowl, at the time i related the number to Big Ben the stellers’ QB. Anyways —
Michael b Jordan = 61= philadelphia.
Amman Jordan was the original Philadelphia. 
So again with the Christmas theme in Rocky IV, the Eagles won the Superbowl with St. Nick Foles.

As im writing this it is March 4th. Also written 4/3 which could be translated as April third. The civil war started on April third. 

132 = Dolf Lundgren = Rocky four = carl weathers (Jewish ordinal)

The very first academy awards happened on may 16th, 1929. That was 88 years ago, so how is this the 90th academy awards?

I read a quartz article earlier today that said the winners of the original ceremony were printed in the LA times before the event began.  23 weeks later the stock market crashed. Also 161 days later, 161 looks like 1.61 the first three digits of phi. Th amount of time is also 5 months and 8 days. 

1.618 the first four digits of phi.
Twin towers = 1618 English extended 
Four buildings were “hit” on nine eleven the day when the twin towers fell.

So may 16 1974 Tatum O’Neal is the youngest ever to win an Oscar at the age of ten. The very first academy award ceremony was held on may 16, 1929. And the walt Whitman bridge was opened 5/16. What’s up with this date, i see it, im lookin for it, but why?

the outcome of the 90th academy awards was that none of the people that i was looking at won; however allison janney won best supporting actress for I tonya. and the oldest person to ever win an award won tonight. Did a google search on oldest Oscar winners and see this woman Olivia de Havilland is 101 years old born on july first 1916.

But it was this guy James ivory who was the oldest person to win an academy award 

James ivory= 137, 47, 61
james ivory was 89 years old when he won. 89 is the 11th Fibonacci number. Mostly putting this picture in because i want to figure out how to put photos on the blog. 

Throughout the ceremony people kept mentioning Christopher Plummer being 88 years old.  He is currently the oldest working actor in Hollywood. there are two other people who are older than him who have won oscars. Both of whom were born in july. Jew lie? 


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