Tatum o Neal - Wendy Williams - Double R

Wendy williams and Tatum O’neal.

double w meets the moon theme. had to check it out. here’s the link to the youtube vid.

the thing that made me click on the video was the fact that it was titled “Tatum O’neal.”  And i know about her already as the person who won an oscar at the youngest age, and being in a movie titled “paper moon.”

ok so i was trying to find this video again and it took me to the 3/16 episode of the wendy williams show, where the host is dressed in green because saint patrick’s day is on a saturday and they wont be on that day. Anyway the host is Jerry Fucking O’connell. the same guy that was a guest on wendy’s show when she collapsed in her lady liberty halloween costume, and the same guy who was in STAND BY ME. d He’s decked out in Kelly green which makes me think of the eagles and the original team color “Kelly green” and of course it relates to saint paddy’s day. I also connected Kelly with Kelly drive in Philly. Which kinda runs “parallel” to the Ben franklin parkway.  
I mentioned in the post titled “mr t and Nancy Reagan” that the comcast building is located on JFK blvd and Arch st ( the flag sewn at 239 arch st, by Betsy Ross who also has a bridge named after her in Philly). So if the building was in an earthquake and landed on an overpass like it does when Tubbs/Apollo Creed teaches Happy to putt it would prolly be the JFK.  I say that because Wendy is dressed up in baby blue like Jackie O on the day JFK was inaugurated and like Melania trump echoed, when  Trump was inaugurated.

The interview is very odd, there are a lot of coded and outright references to love.  we find out that Tatum is 54 years old, that John McEnroe her tennis star husband was her only love. Tennis the only game I know of where love is part of the score. She mentions being Michael Jackson’s first girlfriend  which connects to the rockin robin thing/Moonwalker. She talks about winning an Oscar for Paper MOON, and how her dad was nominated for Love Story.
Love = 54, 18
JFK = 54, 18

JFK BLvD= 122 = San Francisco = Pope Francis.

Double R theme. i was just commenting on Dan’s blog -themindlessfreaks.com about how he was kind of catching a double R thing with Rowdy Rowdy 
Piper, and Ronda Rowsy, the roaseanne reboot, Rockin Robin. then the next day there was news that DMX had been arrested. DMX of course associated with Ruff Ryders.
Ruff Ryders = 59 = slave

The original Rough Riders, were a volunteer cavalry that didn’t have 
horses so they walked on foot they had a nickname “Woods weary walkers” (double W theme) also makes me think of wight walkers the Walking dead. Kinda like Jesus after his ressurection?
So check out this rough riders outfit - its the one that Robin Williams is wearing in the Night at the Museum movie. 

Radom thought - i was watching Moana which stars The Rock and I realized that he is searching for his HOOK which is the title of a Robin Williams Movie.  Jimmy FAllon does a lip sync game with Triple H and his wife in which they enact “How far I’ll go” from the Moana soundtrack.  

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