You tube vid/ channel name

The above is a link to the first part of the “game Over Man” decode i did. I put that video in a playlist so you should be able to find the second video fairly quickly.  Ive added IW923 to the end of the name of the channel and that will end up being the name of the YouTube channel, for continuities sake.  It’s amazing how many talented young women out there have my name. When i was a kid i honestly thought i was the only Imani in the world. When i met another Imani in high school it was underwhelming to say the least. She didnt like me either.  But it seems that Imani Williams is a powerful name and I’m Glad to have it.

Bonus material: i used to go by the rap name I&I, I wrote a song with my buddies called “una mas” about how fly we were as a trio. It’s is/was our oldest song. lyrics included - “ I&I is the future of truth, as the bloom, fruit and juice to the root.”  I kinda think I’m supposed to write songs for the revolution with meanings that are hidden to the novice listener. So if you are musically inclined and have the same drive then hit me up, this might just be what we’re here for.

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