golden state killer

Starbucks golden state killer - meek mill rings the bell.

Just got the best service of my life a week after there were headlines about a racist event at one of these things in philly.

Dont even know what to look into really.. lets see what google wants me to look at today.     Without doing much reaseach lately I’ve felt like I’ve been seeing numbers that connect to 13 and thirteen 

As soon as i figured out what I wanted to look into my keyboard stopped working.  Anyway the top headline yeasterday was about the pedestrian attack that occurred in Toronto = 117. All these pedestrian attacks and all these head nods to Philadelphia makes me think that somehow pedophiles are gonna some into the light soon. PED-estrians. PHIL-adelphia 

Top story on cnn right now is about the golden state killer - this is something I’ve looked in to before concerning Michelle McNamara and her relationship with Patton Oswalt. Michelle wrote a book called “ill be gone in the dark” which came out on feb 27th of this year. 2/27. You can see that Stephen king has given this book a glowing review.
She died April 21st, 2016 the same day that prince died.
And the book came out 1 year 10 months and 6 days later. Or 22 months and 7 days weeks and 4 days or 313 days including the end date. Or 44 weeks and 5 days including the end date.
Golden state killer= 189, 72, 99
East area rapist = 153, 54, 99, 65(JR), 146(JO)
The original night stalker = 118
Michelle McNamara = 691 satanic. 691 is the 125th prime
Philadelphia Pennsylvania = 118, 125.
Ill be gone in the dark = 801 satanic 
Which is the bridge number because of the minesotta bridge collapse that fell 81 feet on ?aug 1st? Also because golden gate equals 81 and it opened on 8/1 and will turn 81 years old this year.  

Since the book came out it’s been 1 month 29 days til today April 25th with headlines appearing that the golden state killer may have been captured. Or 8 weeks 1 day. 12 murders and 51 rapes. 

McNamara was born on April 14 or 14/4. 
John Donne = 144, 414 (satanic) 
Walt Whitman = 144 = The handmaids tale.

John Donne wrote the poem “for whom the bell tolls” this poem came to my mind when i saw that meek mill had rung the liberty bell replica before game 5 of the sixers heat playoff series. 

In this article there is a video clip that has a 2:57 time stamp on it. 257 is the 55th prime. 
I was actually thinking about this story last night wondering if McNamara was somehow this killers last victim.  

So this killer had to relocate a couple of times, and was active from sacremento to Santa Barbara, oddly enough i just realized i used to live in Southern California and my mother used to work in santa Barbara.
I’ll be gone in the dark = 171=Patton Oswalt (Jewish ordinal) = boston globe.
171 is the 18th triangular.

The new season of the show the handmaids tale began today April 25, the season premiered with two episodes. The handmaids tale = 144
Also don’t want to forget the story of how sly Stallone (who was in nice at the time of the pedestrian attack) influenced trump to maybe pardon Jack Johnson that came up in the news recently to suggest that trump migt pardon his lawyer Michael cohen. But the convo happened a month ago allegedly.

Meek mill got into a helicopter with a 223 on it. 
Meek Mill = 360 satanic
Three sixty = 153, 54, 503(satanic), 117, 

golden state killer = 72
Joseph James deAngelo was 72 years old when he got caught. Fitting that it happened on national DNA day = 135, 63, 243, 81

Imagine dragons has tat song that is the theme song for this season of the NBA. “Lighting and the thunder” and during the super bowl quicken rocket loans was prominent in the background. 
Zach’s top two picks for the NBA are the rockets from Houston and the thunder from OKC. BeyoncĂ© just did a performance at coachella that everyone loved and she’s the only thing i can think of that relates to Houston and Oklahoma City had that terroist bombing in 93.


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