Philly landmarks connected to presidents who died in office

First William Henry Harrison who died on April 4. The day i decided to start working on this riddle. The same death day as Abraham Lincoln. 

William Henry Harrison has a street named after him?/with the same spelling. He died 177 years ago this year.
 Zachary Taylor has this street that runs parallel to 25th street. Reminding me of the 25th amendment that would allow for the removal of Trump as president.

I wasnt looking for a bridge connection here — but i found one!! Here you can see Roosevelt BLVD he died 4/12. It’ll be 73 years ago this year.  

And you can see Wakeling street in this map which is where Warren G Harding Middle school is located. He had a “heart Attack” in San Francisco on August 2nd, 1923. Apparently conspiracy theories arose that it was the First Lady who poisoned him after learning of his infidelity - sound familiar? Will Merida get a Game of Thrones moment and watch as trump/Geoffrey chokes to death? Those would be high ratings. 

Warren G Harding = 146 (JO), 231

 Above: you can see McKinley Street almost intersects with Roosevelt BLVD.

Franklin D Roosevelt = 220, 85, 850 (satanic),1310(Jewish), 266.

Below is  proof of Lincoln Drive. He was assassinated on 4/4 like WHH.
Abraham Lincoln = 123

There was supposed to be a Trump Tower Facing the Delaware River but it was never developed, strange that its on Google earth and maps though. The land was never even cleared.  According to wiki the bldg was supposed to be 45 stories tall, like how Trump is the 45th president, or 728 ft high. Or 222 meters.

As above so below = 222
Zionism = 728 (Jewish)

Lastly the Garfield Reference.  Garfield was shot on a train station platform on July 2! The train station was in DC at 6th and constitution ave. HALF TIME theme.  He died on 9/19.1881, which was 79 days later If you zoom out a little bit you can see where the Lincoln HWY meets the Roosevelt BLVD.

FDR’s funeral was on April 14th, 1945. A 144 connection. 

I don’t know how to draw diagrams upon a map very effectively, if you do, please help me out. It might show a literal picture. 

For Ishkibibibles i looked up places called club oxygen, or club air, thinking about the pulse shooting then the stoneman shooting on Valentine’s Day, connecting to the heart. In order for a person to live they need to have a heart with a pulse that pumps oxygen rich blood. Think about how blood was spilled at pulse and on Valentines. Mulling this over further i thought of the HBO show True blood about vampires, and werewolves and fairies. Also a song by Justin Timberlake off the 20/20 album. 
True Blood = 112, 40, 131, 50, 106 (JO), 511 (Jewish)

Turns out there’s a club oxygen in San Francisco that’s not too far from a LUNA street. There’s another one in Baltimore.

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