Photos out of order!! Random thoughts on the recent news barrage

News thunder storm realtime Friday the thirteenth 

Syria uses chemical weapons and trump send missle strikes to blow up chemical weapons factories. In Damascus. Syria and Jordan share a border. Attack launched on 4/13 or 14/4 depending on your time zone. I don’t understand how bombing a chemical weapons facility is safer than using chemical weapons, seems like it would be compounded to me not a cancellation. I don’t know anything about chemical weapons thought 

A trade war with china 

Russia kills spies with poison

The fbi raids trumps lawyers office for evidence in the stormy Daniels case. Michael Cohen paid stormy 130000 dollars to keep quiet about her affair with Donald trump. 

Mark Zukerberg  tesitfies in front of a congress who doesn’t understand. Facebook, about how his company is violating the privacy of all Americans.

Bill Maher mentions that bill Clinton was impeached but e wasn’t convicted, in order to convict you’d need 67 votes (2/3rds of the senate) to vote for it.  Maher says it would take 54 dems and 13 reprobates, i mean Republicans to vote him out these are hypothetical numbers after the midterm election. Anyway, the apprentice = 67

The forty fifth president = obstruction of justice = conspiracy= collusion = 123

Just realized my birthday leaves 34 days in the year like wrestle mania 34 and march fourth which is the original Inauguration Day, i had originally associated the date with this years oscar ceremony. I also put a biblical connotation on this years oscars because they were 40 days after the nominations were announced. That longer than usual because the olympics were happening. 40 days like Noah ark story and how the Israelites wandered the desert for 40 years.

Sinclair gets caught homogenizing local news. 


I’m not sure why the match function of gematrinator isn’t working for me but its helping me be m’own matcher.

 A quiet place is the name of the horror move that’s coming out/recently released about a place full of monsters that are attracted to noise.  Ironic because b 1 bombers make a lot of noise i would assume. The guy John krazinsky wrote it , he’s best know for playing Jim in the show “the office” which is set in PA. I just watched/decoded despicable me 3 and Steve Carrell stars in that as well as the show, “the office.” 

Kind of off topic but want to mention the wheel of fortune mistake about flamenco dancing - there was a fully solved puzzle the person pronounced the answer wrong and said “flamingo” instead of flamenco. I just brought up youtube and this was recommended to me :

I’m reminded of the guy who calls into Zach’s show and tells us about how made up history is and he says Flamenco flamenco flamenco. Also flamingo’s are pink going pink singing the national anthem and janelle monae’s new video PYNK. Turns out that Aubrey plaza’s flamenco dancing great grandparents used to damnce up and down the eastern seaboard. In New York jersey and philly. 
Aubrey plaza equals 47 like trump. 61 like Philadelphia and my dads birthday. 169 or 13 squared and 128 which reminds me of my mother’s birthday August 12.

Aubrey = 72, 27..

List of shows to be rebooted:
Will & Grace happened already.
Roseanne - happened march 27th, and has been renewed for season 2/11
Murphy Brown?- i remember president bush commenting on Murphy being a single mother was setting a bad example. 
Martin? - tommy ford passed away at the age of 52 in 2016. 
American idol - different judges same premise 
Station 19 - a spinoff wherein the main character only appeared in one episode of the original show, this is the same story as Mork and Mindy. 
Lost in Space - the original version aired during a really tumultuous time in American history 1965 til 69. Also had that creepy pederast dynamic between the bright eyes trouble prone boy and the thin bachelor doctor guy.
Showtime at the Apollo - hosted by Steve Harvey the guy who messed up the announcement of the winner of a miss America? pageant (trump owned), was front and center for the money fight, hosts family feud, hosts little big shots, wrote think like a man, and says his first major Hollywood gig was hosting showtime at the Apollo.
As far as movie remakes I’ve documented jumanji, and oceans 8. I’m sure there are more. Should I count creed among the list? 

If you read the graphic novel the watchmen then you know that Nostalgia was an important peice of the story all the superheroes looking back at their past glories. Another facet of that novel that i think of often is the comedian who is always laughing because he can see the punchline coming and the joke is always on the people he refuses to protect even though he’s been labeled a superhero, even though he works for the government he protects no one but himself 

FBE had an episode where elders reacted to wrestlemania 34, i feel like I’m on track whenever those videos reference something that I’ve been looking at because i know the fine brothers are involved in the overarching evil scheme and they want so badly to be seen as benign that i know they cant be, therefore I recognize all references made are for some subtle ulterior aim. That being said the react episode showed Ronda Rousey pick some dude up and slam him and uppercut the crap outta some chick, they really focused on the female wrestlers, most people had something to say about how fake they thought it was/wasn’t.

Came to the bar after work for a quick shot. I see a guy who came up to me last time I was here and told me he had fought Leon Sphinx in a boxing match. 

Wanted to document the story of two black men who were arrested in a Starbucks in Philadelphia. The chief of police is named Richard Ross!!! He defended the actions of his officers since the cops were called to the Starbucks. 

I always get the worst service in bars. Why? Even/especially in gay bars. 

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