The mint the curse - Cardi B

The mint - the curse - Cardi B
Looked into the Philadelphia mint and saw a bit in the wiki about how if you take a tour of the mint you’ll hear the voice of Harry Kalas. Who was born on the same day as Walt Whitman died march 26th. And Kalas died on April 13th. This year April 13th will be the first of two Friday the thirteenth’s.  The second one is in July.
Kalas died 18 days after his 73rd bday.
Money = 72, 27, 247( satanic), 63, 18,
So i didnt know that there was a cures on philly teams that started when a building surpassed the height of William penn’s hat on top of city hall in th middle of the city. It was — One LIberty Place = 162, 72, 243, 81

The last team to win before the curse started was Villanova , interesting because they just won march madness this year. The Villanova mascot is the wildcats, i thought that a dog team would win but I should’ve remembered how the year of the dog has been represented by the cat, and all the dog/cat stuff I’ve been pointing out.

The curse was made.  when the comcast center on  17th and JFK BLVD was finished. Workers put a small figurine of William penn on top of the bldg. 
Comcast center = 139, 49, 77
The curse stuck again when comcast technology center was finished because it was taller than the comcast center. The wiki says that on my birthday someone put a Williams penn figure on top of the CTC = 26, 131 (satanic), 55, 19, 25(JO), 156 (Sumerian)
Comcast technology center = 101, 263
From June 18, 2007 the day the first  figurine was place until the eagles won the super bowl on feb 4th 2018 was 555 weeks including the end date.

Just saw that Cardi B is co hosting the tonight show (which has moon imagery) 

Money = cardi B = first = 247 (satanic) 

Again Cardi B’s first single was about making Money moves, and she is the first person to have her first three songs top the charts. And people think this bitch is just a talented hard working great example of a person what a joke!!!
She even mentions that she is the first person who isn’t a white guy to cohost the tonight show.
Interesting that the Dow has been up and down on the move for a few weeks now.
Bartier = 73, 37, 318 (satanic), 53
Cardi gave an interview to GQ magazine in which she reveals that she loves politics and presidents. In the article she is asked about president Buchanan. I looked him up and he was the pres before the civil war. He was from Pennsylvania. And was referred to as a The only prez who never married. And she also talks about FDR.


FBI raid Michael cohen office. Happened April 9th. Michael cohen is trumps lawyer.  Michael Cohen = 516 (satanic)

Michael D Cohen = 100, 64, 555(satanic) 

It was the satanic values of this guys name that caught my attention, 516 goes back to the Walt Whitman bride opening date and links to the crucifixion/ressurection theme I’m following. Crucifixion = 516 (satanic) 

The 555 value reminds me of what i discover above that 555 weeks passed btw the breaking of the billy penn curse in 2007 and the day the angles won the super bowl. Also relates to the hieght of the Washington monument.

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