1440 - southwest flight accident

Southwest Airlines - death of Jennifer Riordan

She got partially sucked out of an airplane window when the engine suffered a crack or some shit.

Jennifer Riordan = 88 = crack in the engine

Retired pilot Ross Aimer explained  the story was CBSN’s —Eliaine Quijano = 133, 61, 218, 74.
Crack in the engine =146, 83

In this article is says that there were 149 people on the plane at the time of the accident. 149 is the 35th prime.

Ive also seen the number of passengers reported as 144.

Window seat = 137, 133, 43, 56
that was a song by erykah badu.

Bill Cosby = John Donne =144, 414 
Michelle McNamara born on April 14th. She wrote the book on the golden state killer. The news of Cosby’s sentencing came on the same day as news of the gSK capture. April 25th.
 Zenith just made a video about the song for the love of money by the ojays. Who are from canton ohio but are known as part of the Philadelphia sound. This song is the theme song to The Apprentice 
For the love of money = 1440 (Sumerian)
For whom the bell tolls = 1440 (reverse sumerian)
Is the title of a poem written by John Donne. I relate it to the liberty bell and the way the sixers are ringing the bell before home games during the playoff this season. 
Interesting that the ojays signed with gamble and huff in 72. Also they have a song called love train and we know about all the train connections to Philadelphia. Like the derailments that point to championships or 30th street station. 

Liberty bell = Pope Francis = San Francisco = 122, 50


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