My philly trip

My Philly trip

Went up for a wedding stayed a block away from the location of the Starbucks event.  Turns out there’s a Jewish church across the street. They call that a synagogue. Hm. 

The synagogue of Satan = 223 = Philadelphia 
I also saw some rocky memorabilia in the airport of Apollo creed and Clubber lang. kinda solidifies the legitimacy of this riddle. 
Listening to Janelle Monae’s song pynk and thought that the song had the same spelling as the singers name. 

Mr t = 51, 156 (satanic)
The Delaware river = 1044 (sumerian)
1440 minutes in a day.

The wedding was held in a Catholic Church and i started flipping thru the hymnal while i was at the rehearsal since i wasnt in it. So I flipped thru it and saw that they have hyms to match up with the sermons for the entire year. Which is kinda creepy because I’m sure the shit is topical somehow every Sunday and if one Catholic Church has a 2018 book then they probably all do. Homogenized religion for the weak minded. Anyway i flipped to this weekend April 27th or so and found that they have Easter sermons six weeks after Easter. There’s also the stations of the cross - 14 stone engraved images of Christ’s journey to the crucifixion.  
Anyway this is the environment in which i learned that Jesus is - the stone that the builders refused = 131 = crucifixion = march fourth 
Easter this year fell on april first and was the commemoration of Christ’s crucifixion and —ressurection = 166 = the stone that the builders refused 

Shall be the head cornerstone = 131
1131 (satanic)

Anyway i got into a bit of trouble when i noticed a girl and flirted with her during the reception.
 i found out her name sums to 216, 54, 81, 72
And her iG handle sums to 131. 

To explain further lately I’ve been looking at the rocky riddle and the connection between the Bay Area and Philadelphia.
Just recently news of the capture of the golden state killer brought up the book that Michele McNamara =131 wrote about the golden state killer =189, 72
Every since Justin Timberlake (who’s birthday was on 1/31) preformed at this years half time show where the eagles won the Super Bowl. Ive been hyper aware of that combination of numbers 189 and 131. And other themes that connect to it such as the moon since on 1/31 there was s super blue blood moon total lunar eclipse. Philadelphia and the idea of HALF TIME.  So i got to looking at the half point of the year which is July second. Or 7/2.

And as far as the philly theme that became obvious when the eagles won and was pointed to during the Valentine’s Day slaughter at the MSD high school with the Eagle mascot. On the day of love - philly the city of brotherly love. And a lot of Christians feel that this is the end times which are foretold in the book of revelation and in those times “the church of Philadelphia” = 216
 Is told that he who holds “the key of David” = 216, 135 will run shit.

Ive made links between the Golden Gate Bridge and the Walt Whitman bridge.
Golden Gate Bridge = 135, 81
Walt Whitman bridge = 189, 81, 

And when I was walking thru the airport on my way back to aTL i saw these things in a novelty gift shop.

 Also notice the rocky shape in the middle of the liberty bell.  the liberty bell traveled all the way to san francisco and they had a parade down market street in SF.

The liberty bell = 223, 65 = Philadelphia.

Liberty bell = 122, 50 = San Francisco.

Interesting that the sixers have been ringing a liberty bell before their playoff games and San Francisco= 76.


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