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Random thoughts - Daniel Kaluuya

Daniel Kaluuya. = 214, 137, 911 (Jewish) Like 2/14 and 13/7 the dates i just wrote about in my sing- paper moon post. 911 seems obvious so these could all be American disaster dates. 214-137= 77 77 days between the oscars and 5/16. Ritual = 77 Jewish ordinal  Ritual = 81 Thirteenth of July = 81, 216 2/16 the date that black panther came out in the US. Daniel Kaluuya is also in — Get out = 88 The director of Get Out, Jordan Peele, called his movie a documentary. Just like John carpenter said about They Live. I was thinking that this guy will be the next Denzel and then i watched a n interview between Kaluuya and Colbert. In the interview Kaluuya says he got to meet Oprah because Denzel Washington introduced them.   I watched sister act 2 last night and it met a bunch of themes, it was released in ‘93. Whoopi Goldberg’s character is a Vegas performer. The school is in San Franscicso its called saint Francis. The music class is considered “a bird course.” Jennif

Sing -paper moon - Easter

Sing Buster Moon - Hip Hop’s Bridge wars - Paper moon -Tatum O’Neal - the oscars So i was thinking about the oscars and the moon theme and i remembered this movie paper moon, its also song by Nat King Cole that my dad and I used to listen to together. Anyway the movie I’ve only seen once and it’s really funny, I would recommend checking it out. The movie is shot in black and white. So that goes to the race bait theme. And I remembered thinking that the child actress in it had been the youngest person to ever win an Oscar. I was right she won for best actress in a supporting role. As I write this I’m freshly home from work and my girl was watching SING. An animated movie about Buster Moon’s singing competition. It stars Reese Witherspoon and Seth macfarlane. In the movie the moon theater collapses, and they reopen it for the singing competition. At the end of the movie :spoiler alert: Keke palmer’s elephant character sings a Stevie wonder song called “Don’t you worry bout a thi

Ash Wednesday - Valentines Day

Ash Wednesday  marjory stoneman douglas was 108 when she died  108 like geometry  108 like the number of game balls during a super bowl game   I Wanted to connect the Stoneman Douglass high school shooting to Lent, Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. There are 46 days in lent from 2/14 til 3/31 including the end date. 45 excluding the end date.  Ritual = 45 Lunar eclipse = the key of david = Dolby theater= the Oscars = fly eagles fly = 135 The super blue blood moon total lunar eclipse happened on 1/31 Othmar Ammann = 131 super bowl = 131 championship = 131= Best actress = March Fourth  Makes sense to me that the best actress category/nominees should be linked up to a lunar event because women are connected to the moon through their cycles. A woman’s period is once a month like the usual presence of a full moon.  The moon is also connected to the tides, - remember the tide pod challenge? Lunar eclipse = 72 Margot Robbie was born on 7/2 The ye

Oprah and Ellen and trump oh my.

Oprah winfrey won an academy award or the  Jean Hersholt Humanitarian award = 131  God = 131 satanic Oprah was on Ellen show responding to trumps hate tweets. Oprah is a regular correspondent on 60 minutes i think. And had a segment in which she interviewed fourteen people to ask them about what they thought about the president/country. Trump tweeted something to the extent of i watched it i hated it i want to beat oprah in the next election . Moving on, Reese wintherspoon was on the show as well having a best friends competition. Like Ellen was being weird about how she wanted oprah to be her friend more than fesses friend, like super childish shit.  Reese’s Witherspoon introduced Oprah for her Cecil B Demille award and Reese is also in the new movie “Wrinkle in time.” Reese Witherspoon= 88, 83, 214, 218. Trump = 88 Murder = 83 214 like 2/14 the parkland shooting/Ash Wednesday  218 = death English extended  Wrinkle in time comes out march 9th or 9/3 li

Trump mocks Oprah Winfrey

Trump mocks oprah winfrey = 118 = predictive programming On the episode of the boondocks that predicts oprah will be president the date on the newspaper reading oprah wins presidency is November 8th or 11/8. Recall, that president trump once called into question the legitimacy of president Obama’s  run for office because of his birth certificate. 8x11=88=trump Apparently the president wants Oprah as competition in the next selection. Trump was mad about an interview done with 14 people in Grand Rapids michigan. Grand Rapids = 666 Sumerian, 106 Jewish ordinal. Prochecy =106 Michigan = 46, 44,  Sacrifice = 46 Kill = 44 Oprah’s speech at the golden globes is what prompted every one to start talking about her running for president. That speech was given on jan 7 but widely talked about on jan 8. Jan 8th looks like 1/8 like the abbreviation of the year ‘18. Jan 8 could also be written 8/1 like 81 which is the ritual number. I’m basing some of this research o

TFR 2/21 ideas as the show happens

Alright - so im going to try to get as far as i can into this lastest episode of the gematria effect with Zachary k hubbard and these thoughts will most likely relate to my most recent decode. A wishing well of crocodile tears- that means fake tears! This i s a lyric from the song wishing well by Terence Trent D’Arby -  Zach starts the show with a segment about the crisis actors in the stone man Douglass shooting. He mentions that it happened on Valentine’s Day but does not mention that day was also Ash Wednesday = 63, 135, 216 The key of david = 135 Key of david = 612 Jewish ordinal ZAch says from the pulse shooting to the stone man Douglass shooting, both of which happened in Florida  was 612 days Valentine = 612 Reverse Sumerian  Dunblane  massacre = 612 Zach talks about the Port Arthur in Australia relating to Margot Robbie who’s from Australia  Alright so this may be a stretch but in the song wishing well another lyric is “hugging like a monkey see - m

Margot Robbie the 2018 oscars - double w connection

The Oscars 2018 For this decode i had the four base ciphers on as well as the satanic cipher and the Jewish ordinal cipher. They will be held on march 4th 2018. March fourth = best actress =131, 166 131, 125 = championship  131= super bowl The philadelphia eagles just won the super bowl. This is why I think that best actress winner will be dictated by this Philadelphia narrative. It’ll be 40 days between the nomination announcements on jan 23 or 1/23 like 123=conspiracy (like ABC conspiracy 123, so simple as do re me)  and the actual ceremony on march 4th. It’s late this year because nbc is running the olympics until the end of February.  Didn’t want this to turn into a bridge collapse decode but i saw that Margot Robbie is nominated for playing tonya Harding who got famous for busting up Nancy Kerrigan’s knee to keep her out of the Winter Olympics. The Winter Olympics are the reason the Oscars have been post poned. Margot Robbie is currently 27 years old

Mandela Effect- KEK- Pepe the frog

Kek and meme magic.  I was intrigued by a higher side chats video with ATL carver, and some of styxhexnhammer's commentary on a RED ICE video, and Primarily by a you tube video produced by Affected Collective. She has many well done videos on strange phenomena usually surrounding Mandela Effect.  The Mandela effect started with the idea that when Nelson Mandela died in 2015 many people remembered hearing news years earlier that Nelson Mandela had died in jail.  So it seems to surround mismemories or poor recollection of events, the extreme conclusion to draw from this phenomena is that the people who witness this effect are moving between timelines. Most of the so called evidence of this effect involves the spelling of brand name products. The most commonly cited is the title of the series of books for children called the Bernstein Bears. Another common example is people remember the product Febreeze instead of the actual name Febreze The title of that series with the same ch