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The Conors - Philips

Wrestlemania stuff and the money fight. wanted t document that the rally that trump held against Conor Lamb in MOON township, PA. Conor spells his name the same way as Conor Macgregor the UFC fighter that went up against Mayweather in the Money fight. It’s also the last name of the character Roseanne Barr plays on tv. Roseanne Conner. The money fight was on August 26, 2017. The rally was on March 11, 2018. 197 days between dates. 197 the 45th prime. The first Wrestle mania happened 3/31/1985. 33 years ago on good Saturday. And Starred MR. T, HULK Hogan, Rowdy Roddy piper.  The Theme song was called “easy lover” by Phil Collins and Philip Bailey.  Two PHIL’s. and even when i posted the game over man decode this was the screenshot it had for the thumbnail. I  have no idea where this image came from. But notice the guys name is PHILIPPE.  And i just made a post about a cavalry without horses. The name  Philip  means friend, love and horse, like a female horse is called a Ph

Tatum o Neal - Wendy Williams - Double R

Wendy williams and Tatum O’neal. double w meets the moon theme. had to check it out. here’s the link to the youtube vid. the thing that made me click on the video was the fact that it was titled “Tatum O’neal.”  And i know about her already as the person who won an oscar at the youngest age, and being in a movie titled “paper moon.” ok so i was trying to find this video again and it took me to the 3/16 episode of the wendy williams show, where the host is dressed in green because saint patrick’s day is on a saturday and they wont be on that day. Anyway the host is Jerry Fucking O’connell. the same guy that was a guest on wendy’s show when she collapsed in her lady libert y halloween costume, and the same guy who wa s in STAND BY ME. d He’s decked out in Kelly green which makes me think of the eagles and the original team color “Kelly green” and of course it relates to saint paddy’s day. I also connected Kelly with Kelly drive in Philly. Which

You tube vid/ channel name

Image The above is a link to the first part of the “game Over Man” decode i did. I put that video in a playlist so you should be able to find the second video fairly quickly.  Ive added IW923 to the end of the name of the channel and that will end up being the name of the YouTube channel, for continuities sake.  It’s amazing how many talented young women out there have my name. When i was a kid i honestly thought i was the only Imani in the world. When i met another Imani in high school it was underwhelming to say the least. She didnt like me either.  But it seems that Imani Williams is a powerful name and I’m Glad to have it. Bonus material: i used to go by the rap name I&I, I wrote a song with my buddies called “una mas” about how fly we were as a trio. It’s is/was our oldest song. lyrics included - “ I&I is the future of truth, as the bloom, fruit and juice to the root.”  I kinda think I’m supposed to write songs for the revolution with meanings th

3/26 - whoomp there it is - game over follow up

3/26.  Whoomp there it is. More game over stuff. 3/26 the day that Walt Whitman died and the day of the synaxis of the archangel Gabriel. Walt Whitman died at the age of 72. 72 relates to July second the half point of the year, 72 stairs up the art museums steps in philly, the building itself makes reference to the nine muses. Found out today that robin Williams is involved in this riddle with the rock and rocky and rocks moving in an earthquake, the wwe and all kinds of things.  Interesting that Gabriel is also associated with July 13th. Oct 16 or 16/10. And nov 8. so the term tag team made me think of the song “whoomp there it is”  by Tag Team.  I listened to it and the guy calls himself DC THE BRAIN supreme., the other guy is named Steve and even references the undertaker. Check out for more info on the pinky and the brain thing. It’s funny cause he says -“these three words when you’re gettin busy ‘whoomp there it is’” Which is four wo

Mr. T and Nancy Reagan

Mr. T and Nancy Reagan Notice that MR T is in front of a Christmas tree posing as Santa Claus with a good little First Lady on his lap.  Mrs. Reagan is holding a stocking labeled “gentle giant” while kissing him dearly on the forehead like a child. Seems really fuckin’ racist to me; like Mr. T is being depicted as a person who is prone to/capable of violence who has been tamed, like Bigger Thomas.  Black guy Character who accidentally kills a white woman and burns her body in the furnace because he knows no one would believe the circumstances under which she died. Anyway the reason why Mr t is important to me right now is b/c he was in Rocky III as — Clubber Lang = 43  So was hulk hogan as — Thunderlips = 146, 531(satanic), 151, 61, 139(JO) There was an assassination attempt made on Nancy’s hubby, Ronald Reagan (double R/Ronda Rousey/Rowdy Roddy/Ruff Ryders only female member named Eve from Philly.) The guy said he tried to kill the president to impress —  Jo

Will Smith on Fallon/ Leno Tags in.

Will smith on Fallon - jay Leno tags in for the monologue.  He talks about the Fresh prince and a new documentary called one strange rock. One strange rock = 165, 213, 66 The date of the interview is march 22nd. Or 22/3. Philadelphia = 223 223 is the 48th prime number.  Wrestlemania is on April eighth. Held in New Orleans, this town is connected to phillly thru the liberty bell, and a Ben franklin statue. LEY LINES. AND Jimmy and Will also do a history of tv theme songs: golden girls, the jeffersons, diff’rent strokes, good times, the Andy Griffith show, i dream of Jeannie, full house, the greatest American hero, Martin, threes company, and finally the Fresh Prince. Think about how the fresh prince went from west Philadelphia to bel air which is in the Bay Area. Will smith has “Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ” numbers and “Fibonacci” numbers. And like the liberty bell, the athletics and

Game over man! 22/3.

game over man, came out on 3/22, can be written 22/3  Netflix has been hyping this movie on my homepage for at least two weeks.  Done by the guys who did workaholics.  Adam DeVine =156(Francis bacon) 43 (Jewish reduction). Anders Holm= 216(Franc), 161, 53, 49(JR) Blake Anderson = 49, 77, 51(JR) The movie starts with them cleaning hotel room (Vegas) one of them mentions that he gets high on salvia like the mom from Moonlight and another character says he’s all about La La Land. Recall the Oscars flub.  Notice the time signatures as well. 5:50 and 1:35:43. Fibonacci = 55 The Key of DAvid = 135 Key of David = 46(JR) This movie is 1hr 41 min or 101 minutes.  The reason why i took this pic is for some reason i noticed that 131 days after the Oscars is Friday July Thirteenth  Friday the thirteenth = 223, 106, 888 (satanic), 101, 213(JO) Philadelphia = 223, 101 Prophecy = 106 The synagouge of Satan = 888 (satanic) The other input

Showtime at the Apollo

Showtime at the apollo is hosted by Steve Harvey. I’m looking at episode 3 season 1 or 1.3. Co host is a lady named Adrienne.  Reminds me of Rocky’s girlfriendSteve explains the Apollo traditions such as audience participation, The sand man (bring me a dream/enter night, exit light/ Morpheus), and rubbing the stump for good luck. He calls it a log like Abraham Lincoln logs/ log cabin republicans/black people who call themselves republican because Lincoln was/ren & Stimpy )  Adrienne Houghton = 88, 74 The sandman = 99 The log = 67 Twin girls perform  Amira and Kayla. He doesn’t mention that its an Apollo standard to never boo kids. It was fuckin weird. Not much to cover until GAry Owen comes on stage, i know him as the white comedian on BET, and so does Steve Harvey.  One of his jokes references being in the army and Boyz II Men, using cadence to sing “end of the road”. Boyz II Men is group out of Philadelphia. Boyz II Men = 118, 55, 222(Francis), 125, 44, 46(

Walt and Oscar, the pedestrian bridge, Apollo stuff

Walt and Oscar, the pedestrian bridge and Adonis Johnson I was wondering if Walt Whitman had an Oscar connection and it turns out that Walt Whitman met Oscar Wilde on January 31st 1882. In Camden New Jersey. Or 1/31. Oscar Wilde was 27 and Walt Whitman was 62. 3 months and 15 days after wilde’s 27th birthday. Or 107 days. Walt Whitman was born on may 31st the meeting was four months before is birthday. Or 35 weeks and 1 day after his 62nd birthday. God = 131 (satanic) I found out earlier that micheal b Jordan has been in three movies directed  by Ryan coogler.  Ryan’s birthday is may 23rd. Or 5/23, those three movies are: Black panther = 48, 213 Creed = 35, 26, 28 Fruitvale station = 212, 206 (JO) MBJ’s birthday is Feb 9th 2/9. Black Panther released a week, seven days, after his 31st birthday.  Both Michael B Jordan and Ryan Coogler are from Oakland. The character Killmonger from black panther is from Oakland.   Creed is about the son of