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golden state killer

Starbucks golden state killer - meek mill rings the bell. Just got the best service of my life a week after there were headlines about a racist event at one of these things in philly. Dont even know what to look into really.. lets see what google wants me to look at today.     Without doing much reaseach lately I’ve felt like I’ve been seeing numbers that connect to 13 and thirteen  As soon as i figured out what I wanted to look into my keyboard stopped working.  Anyway the top headline yeasterday was about the pedestrian attack that occurred in Toronto = 117. All these pedestrian attacks and all these head nods to Philadelphia makes me think that somehow pedophiles are gonna some into the light soon. PED-estrians. PHIL-adelphia  I'll Be Gone in the Dark - Michelle McNamara - Hardcover Top story on cnn right now is about the golden state killer - this is something I’ve looked in to before concerning Michelle McNamara and her relationship with Patton Oswalt. M

Joel Embiid and Starbucks racism

Joel Embiid rings the bell- Starbucks racism  Joel Embiid Wore A ‘Phantom Of The Opera’ Mask To Ring The Bell this event happened April 14, 2018,  or 14/4 which was the 104th day of the year. Kinda like the date the 14th. Theis guy came out in a phantom of the opera mask and rang a liberty bell before the start of the nba playoffs. This was prior to game one in a series with the Miami Heat. Apparently this guy has an eye injury that is keeping him from playing in the game.  I see that he had a younger brother that reportedly died around the time he was drafted in 2014. Phantom of the process = 88 = phantom of the opera  the liberty bell = 143, 62, 208, 73 Seems like this guy is getting hurt all the time. Knee, hand, wrist, and now eye socket. the sixers lost game one and ended a winning streak of 17 games   What’s interesting is that San Francisco equals 76, like the basketball team. The sixers are the eighth seed in the playoffs and they hadn’t w

Photos out of order!! Random thoughts on the recent news barrage

News thunder storm realtime Friday the thirteenth  Syria uses chemical weapons and trump send missle strikes to blow up chemical weapons factories. In Damascus. Syria and Jordan share a border. Attack launched on 4/13 or 14/4 depending on your time zone. I don’t understand how bombing a chemical weapons facility is safer than using chemical weapons, seems like it would be compounded to me not a cancellation. I don’t know anything about chemical weapons thought  A trade war with china  Russia kills spies with poison The fbi raids trumps lawyers office for evidence in the stormy Daniels case. Michael Cohen paid stormy 130000 dollars to keep quiet about her affair with Donald trump.  Mark Zukerberg  tesitfies in front of a congress who doesn’t understand. Facebook, about how his company is violating the privacy of all Americans. Bill Maher mentions that bill Clinton was impeached but e wasn’t convicted, in order to convict you’d need 67 votes (2/3rds of the s

The mint the curse - Cardi B

The mint - the curse - Cardi B Looked into the Philadelphia mint and saw a bit in the wiki about how if you take a tour of the mint you’ll hear the voice of Harry Kalas. Who was born on the same day as Walt Whitman died march 26th. And Kalas died on April 13th. This year April 13th will be the first of two Friday the thirteenth’s.  The second one is in July. Kalas died 18 days after his 73rd bday. Money = 72, 27, 247( satanic), 63, 18, So i didnt know that there was a cures on philly teams that started when a building surpassed the height of William penn’s hat on top of city hall in th middle of the city. It was — One LIberty Place = 162, 72, 243, 81 The last team to win before the curse started was Villanova , interesting because they just won march madness this year. The Villanova mascot is the wildcats, i thought that a dog team would win but I should’ve remembered how the year of the dog has been represented by the cat, and all the dog/cat stuff I’ve been pointing out.

Philly landmarks connected to presidents who died in office

First William Henry Harrison who died on April 4. The day i decided to start working on this riddle. The same death day as Abraham Lincoln.  William Henry Harrison has a street named after him?/with the same spelling. He died 177 years ago this year.   Zachary Taylor has this street that runs parallel to 25th street. Reminding me of the 25th amendment that would allow for the removal of Trump as president. I wasnt looking for a bridge connection here — but i found one!! Here you can see Roosevelt BLVD he died 4/12. It’ll be 73 years ago this year.   And you can see Wakeling street in this map which is where Warren G Harding Middle school is located. He had a “heart Attack” in San Francisco on August 2nd, 1923. Apparently conspiracy theories arose that it was the First Lady who poisoned him after learning of his infidelity - sound familiar? Will Merida get a Game of Thrones moment and watch as trump/Geoffrey chokes to death? Those would be high ratings.  Warren