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1/31 total lunar eclipse Rare super blue blood moon Blue bloods are royals  Lorde sang royals  Lorde= 27, 81 Royals = 27, 36, 72 Ritual = 27, 45, 81 I’m looking at time and date for info on the phases on the eclipse in my area. Maximal eclipse visible will be at 6:21.  Watched Zach’s vid about a possible earthquake synced up with the Super Bowl. Eclipses seem to foreshadow natural disasters New Madrid fault line is in the middle of the country and would Missouri Kentucky Tennessee Arkansas  Justin timberlake is from Tennessee. His birthday is on the day of this very special eclipse date, he will perform at the super bowl. Super bowl = 131 Typed it into google it took me to a town on the border betweeen Missouri and Kentucky called New Madrid. There’s a highway 62 very close by. Where interstate 55 and highway 62 intersect!!!! Super bowl lii=62 Fibonacci = 55 = earthquake  There’s a town named Anniston nearby = Jennifer Anniston = 88\ Looking at goog

Justin timberlake trolls and random thoughts

Justin Timberlake recently “starred” in the movie trolls. Trolls live under bridges in folk lore, but in the movie its like they’re bright happy creatures who commune with nature. the trolls love to sing and dance and hug. And they have to constantly flee the Bergens who feed on trolls to feel joy. Remind you of anything?  Bergens=119 Trolls =33 It’s fair to mention that for this decode i used the reverse full reduction and reverse single reduction ciphers  Justin Timberlake = fly eagles fly= 189 Walt Whitman bridge= 189. Thats a philly bridge ive been looking at because the double w trait is something i have my eye out for. Golden Gate Bridge = 135 =key of david =two hundred thirty three (233 is 13th fib) Golden gate =45=Walt Whitman  Golden Gate Bridge =81=Walt Whitman bridge  The church of Philadelphia= 153=holy bible=the golden ratio= Walt Whitman  I think the Walt Whitman may be the silver gate.  Remember on Pope Francis’ fish hat there is a depiction

Whopper neutrality

whopper neutrality  A new ad by Burger King explainins net neutrality.  And at the beginning of the ad the man behind the counter calls for “number one”. and a guy with ticket 98 come up and asks about his whopper. In the background of this interaction we see a sign “WiFi only for $6.33” Burger King =58,59,158=freemasonry  WiFi = 61 = Philadelphia  E-a-g-l-e-s-Eagles! = 98 The commercial begins with the guy who has ticket 98. It’s the 98th season of the NFL WiFi only for six thirty three = 135,153,360,162 Key of david =135 Fly eagles fly = 135 Bold north =135 The church of Philadelphia =153 (rsr) The golden ratio=153 The golden ration is phi Phi like shorthand for philly  153 is the miraculous catch number Holy bible =153 360 degrees in a circle which determines a vesica piscis out of which phi can be born. Bold north =108 =geometry=the church of Philadelphia (rvr) Year of the dog begins 16/2, eagles are underdogs and have been using dog

Kevin hart

Kevin Hart predicts eagles to win 83-6 Headline begs for a little subtraction. 83-6=77 Seventy seven = 49 7x7=49 Revelation=49 Eagles =49 Crazy huh? Kevin hart =135 Fly eagles fly =135 Key of david = 135