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may 11th the 131st day

Stuck - may 11th So i havent done any decodes since i wrote about meeting Andrea. I feel weird about looking into anything because i think I’ll end up relating too many things to it. Which is how this study works for me really. So I dunno. I can seem to stop thinking about it.  I even noticed that posted a picture of a page with a poem on it, the poem mentioned the moon and it phases and she even posted it on Jan 26 or 1/26 Church of Philadelphia = 126, 216 Andrea Craig = 216 Acraig zero four two two = 108, 108 Full moon = 108, 108 Crazy. I feel like a creep. But i feel justified at the same time. I’m conflicted. I logged onto my blogger to see that someone commented on my philly trip post. And that persons name equals 101 So today is the 131st day of the year. May 11th. Or 5/11 which is a time number because the word Saturn=511, Saturn aka Kronos is the god of time, this is where the word chronology comes from. and today  I bought a Kia Soul= 88, 101, 47

West World and Arrested Development

Thoughts while watching the west world premier West world fits my double w theme. It begins with piano music and imagery of piano wire. 88 keys on the piano.  The word also means “strong” Delores is always shown wearing a blue dress —devil with a blue dress on. In this season she will become the villain.  Bernard has become a spy slash house slave. The entertainer by Scott Joplin plays this is ragtime music  Delores makes a speech that makes me think the robots are the goy and the people who are rich enough to visit west world are the job creators, the one percent. Maybe these high monied low vibration creatures who run shit can’t be reincarnated, the hosts of west world who were developed to be molested were also designed to be reincarnated into a time loop.  This episode seems to be the beginning of the uprising we’ll see how its quelled in the end. ——————— Ive been revisiting the show arrested development because i believe the bluth family

144th Kentucky derby

The 144th Kentucky Derby I use for my decodes it has a lot of great functions to help break down the patterns i see in everyday life. So i noticed at work that the Kentucky derby is coming up and its  gonna be on the Same day as cinco de mayo.  Interesting because Arrested Development uses Lucille Bluth’s hatred for Cinco De mayo as a plot line in the show. Went back to check it out it’s the 1st episode of the 4th season. Lucille wants Mexicans to call it “May fifth”= 88 And is compared to the grinch. So she starts a new celebration on May fourth  called “cinco de cuatro” = 131, 59, 220, 76.  The idea of maritime law is tossed around, which made me think of the conspiracy theory that all low is essentially maritime law and when you see a flag with gold fingers on it as you often do in the courtroom that means that the judge is adhereing to maritime laws. I don’t know if that is correct.  Maritime =88 = Trump = eight bells and all is well 8 bells rela

1440 - southwest flight accident

Southwest Airlines - death of Jennifer Riordan Can a person really be sucked out an airplane window? - CBS News She got partially sucked out of an airplane window when the engine suffered a crack or some shit. Jennifer Riordan = 88 = crack in the engine Retired pilot Ross Aimer explained  the story was CBSN’s —Eliaine Quijano = 133, 61, 218, 74. Crack in the engine =146, 83 In this article is says that there were 149 people on the plane at the time of the accident. 149 is the 35th prime. Ive also seen the number of passengers reported as 144. Window seat = 137, 133, 43, 56 that was a song by erykah badu. Bill Cosby = John Donne =144, 414  Michelle McNamara born on April 14th. She wrote the book on the golden state killer. The news of Cosby’s sentencing came on the same day as news of the gSK capture. April 25th.  Zenith just made a video about the song for the love of money by the ojays. Who are from canton ohio but are known as part of the Phil

My philly trip

My Philly trip Went up for a wedding stayed a block away from the location of the Starbucks event.  Turns out there’s a Jewish church across the street. They call that a synagogue. Hm.  The synagogue of Satan = 223 = Philadelphia  I also saw some rocky memorabilia in the airport of Apollo creed and Clubber lang. kinda solidifies the legitimacy of this riddle.  Listening to Janelle Monae’s song pynk and thought that the song had the same spelling as the singers name.  Mr t = 51, 156 (satanic) The Delaware river = 1044 (sumerian) 1440 minutes in a day. The wedding was held in a Catholic Church and i started flipping thru the hymnal while i was at the rehearsal since i wasnt in it. So I flipped thru it and saw that they have hyms to match up with the sermons for the entire year. Which is kinda creepy because I’m sure the shit is topical somehow every Sunday and if one Catholic Church has a 2018 book then they probably all do. Homogenized religion for the weak mind