Joel Embiid and Starbucks racism

Joel Embiid rings the bell- Starbucks racism 

this event happened April 14, 2018,  or 14/4 which was the 104th day of the year.
Kinda like the date the 14th.

Theis guy came out in a phantom of the opera mask and rang a liberty bell before the start of the nba playoffs. This was prior to game one in a series with the Miami Heat. Apparently this guy has an eye injury that is keeping him from playing in the game.  I see that he had a younger brother that reportedly died around the time he was drafted in 2014.

Phantom of the process = 88 = phantom of the opera 

the liberty bell = 143, 62, 208, 73

Seems like this guy is getting hurt all the time. Knee, hand, wrist, and now eye socket.

the sixers lost game one and ended a winning streak of 17 games 
 What’s interesting is that San Francisco equals 76, like the basketball team.

The sixers are the eighth seed in the playoffs and they hadn’t won a playoff game since may 23rd 2012.
May 23rd the 144th day of the year 
Since it was a leap year.
A span of 2153 days including the end date, 2153 is the 325th prime. Or 70 month and 22 days.
Eighth seed = 45, 90, 180 = golden gate.

The last time they were in the playoff they won against the bulls and LebrunJames then lost to Garnett and the Celtics. It seems the last playoff game the sixers won was on 5/23. It was game six against the Celtics.

Two black guys walk in to Starbucks . . .  The 911 call was made two minutes after the guys entered the store.
When the story first broke on April 14th the men didnt have names, only the police commissioner was named but now we know 
Interesting that this follow up article on the story was posted at 457 pm which 457 is the 88th prime.

The article is in the Chicago tribune = 135= the key of David 
Philadelphia is 61 like “black men” and “two black men”

Also the commissioners name is Richard Ross like rick Ross 
A couple of quotes from the article — "I should have said the officers acted within the scope of the law, and not that they didn't do anything wrong” == 988, 421, 1361, 443. 

1361 is the 218th prime like the year 2018

443 is the reflection of 344 
Police commissioner Richard Ross = 344

They’re gonna close 8000 stores 
On 5/29 to hold some kind of racial sensitivity training, 529 is 23 squared, the black guys were 23 years old and into real estate like our dear Donald. 
23 is the 9th prime 
Nine = 42
Nigger = 42

Philadelphia = 61, 65
That 247 pops for me too. As well as the 266 tat ive read about on dans blog so often , 266 is connected to pope Francis the 266th pope. Another thing about this story is that hits the two theme, which may be connected to the twin theme.

I scrolled down further to see a story about the plane that blew an engine and had to land in philly but was apparently headed to San Francisco so I’ll look into that more as well. 


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