may 11th the 131st day

Stuck - may 11th

So i havent done any decodes since i wrote about meeting Andrea. I feel weird about looking into anything because i think I’ll end up relating too many things to it. Which is how this study works for me really. So I dunno. I can seem to stop thinking about it. 

I even noticed that posted a picture of a page with a poem on it, the poem mentioned the moon and it phases and she even posted it on Jan 26 or 1/26
Church of Philadelphia = 126, 216
Andrea Craig = 216
Acraig zero four two two = 108, 108
Full moon = 108, 108


I feel like a creep. But i feel justified at the same time. I’m conflicted.

I logged onto my blogger to see that someone commented on my philly trip post. And that persons name equals 101
So today is the 131st day of the year. May 11th. Or 5/11 which is a time number because the word Saturn=511, Saturn aka Kronos is the god of time, this is where the word chronology comes from. and today  I bought a Kia Soul= 88, 101, 47, 25.
Time = 25, 61
88 is a time number because of back to the future and symbolically connects to time because of the four circles. Each circle contains 360 degrees so you could say that there are 1440 degress in 88.
Just like the 1440 minutes in a day.
101 is a Philadelphia number. And the 26th prime.
God= 26

I think I’m supposed to see something with time. Since I’ve been looking at the halftime theme for a while. Going off the idea that I had a crazy transformative day today. I junked the Lexus RX 300, hm just now thinking about how an RX is a prescription. I had to meet up with the Uber driver whose car i left my wallet in. I went to the dealership two times once to meet a man named RAINBOW and the other to meet David Clark and buy a car.  It’s the 131st day of the year.

I wonder which part of genesis contains the text about rainbows being a covenant between god and his followers
. Turns out its “genesis 13- 16”= 131. Gotta be fucking kidding me.
I found out that Rainbow had just turned 72 in april. Which goes to the half time theme.
  I also noticed that 612 is part of the interchange in my phone number. 612 days from the pulse nightclub shooting to the msd high school shooting  I noticed that i have a connection to 61 thru my dad whose birthday is June first or 6/1.


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