144th Kentucky derby

The 144th Kentucky Derby

I use gematrinator.com for my decodes it has a lot of great functions to help break down the patterns i see in everyday life.

So i noticed at work that the Kentucky derby is coming up and its  gonna be on the Same day as cinco de mayo.  Interesting because Arrested Development uses Lucille Bluth’s hatred for Cinco De mayo as a plot line in the show. Went back to check it out it’s the 1st episode of the 4th season. Lucille wants Mexicans to call it “May fifth”= 88
And is compared to the grinch. So she starts a new celebration on May fourth  called “cinco de cuatro” = 131, 59, 220, 76.
 The idea of maritime law is tossed around, which made me think of the conspiracy theory that all low is essentially maritime law and when you see a flag with gold fingers on it as you often do in the courtroom that means that the judge is adhereing to maritime laws. I don’t know if that is correct. 
Maritime =88 = Trump = eight bells and all is well
8 bells relates to the ships bell which rings every half hour to indicate change of shift or something like that.
Eight bells and all is well = 223 = Philadelphia 
The wiki article shows the bell from the “RMS Titanic” = 126, 45, 144, 72.
Here you can see that the guy who wrote the book when eight bells toll followed it with where eagles drive. Football plays are called drives and the eagles are the philly football team. 

I’ve been thinking that May would be a rough month as it always is. Especially leaning towards 12/5 and 13/5 because of their connections to Philadelphia.  And all the news events that have subtlety and not so subtlety connected to philly.
Philly = 37
The key of David = 135, 216
The church of Philadelphia = 216
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  = 125

In the Bible in revelation 3:7 there’s a letter sent to the church of Philadelphia saying that whomever holds the key of David will run shit.
And its only fitting that —
Revelation 3:7 = 131
And as I’m writing this I’m watching “the Clapper” = 166

So i wanted to look up the names of the horses and maybe make a prediction of some sort. The place the race is held is called - Churchill Downs Louisville Kentucky = 125, 341, 1251 (satanic), 361, 145
361 is 19 squared 
Nineteen squared = 72, 81, 234, 171

The horse that stood out to me the most is the one named magnum Moon because of the moon theme I’ve been following and because 
Magnum moon = 126, 45, 144, 45
The church of Philadelphia = 216, 126, 405, 108

108 connects to the moon the earth and the sun.

Also remembered that 1440/666 = 216.

God damn also this 
The odds on this horse are 13 -1. Which looks a lot like this number I’ve been drawn to both physically and psychically.

16131 is the zip code for Hartstown PA


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