West World and Arrested Development

Thoughts while watching the west world premier

West world fits my double w theme.

It begins with piano music and imagery of piano wire. 88 keys on the piano.  The word also means “strong”

Delores is always shown wearing a blue dress —devil with a blue dress on. In this season she will become the villain. 

Bernard has become a spy slash house slave.

The entertainer by Scott Joplin plays this is ragtime music 

Delores makes a speech that makes me think the robots are the goy and the people who are rich enough to visit west world are the job creators, the one percent.

Maybe these high monied low vibration creatures who run shit can’t be reincarnated, the hosts of west world who were developed to be molested were also designed to be reincarnated into a time loop. 

This episode seems to be the beginning of the uprising we’ll see how its quelled in the end.


Ive been revisiting the show arrested development because i believe the bluth family has parallels to the trump family.  and the presidency in general.
They’re bot in real estate, at many points during the series there’s mentions of building a wall.  The bluths try to sell dumb shit like the corn baller and the trumps have trump steaks and trump university. Ivanka is like the Lyndsey character she wants her father to think she’s hot - Donald has been quoted as saying if she wasnt my daughter i would dater her. The bluths made shady land deals

Arrested =126
Neither here nor there but i noticed that earthquakes = 126 = the church of Philadelphia. The original Philadelphia was destroyed by earthquakes in 106 AD. Philadelphia is the city that receives a favorable prophecy in Revelation 3:7
Prophecy =106
Revelation 3:7 = 131

Carl Weathers plays himself in the series which may relate to the rocky riddle. 
Judy garland’s daughter Liza Minnelli plays Lucille 2 or Lucille austero.
Lucille must come from luc or light and austero is from austere like a strict restriction but i think it has a monetary connotation as well.,, i know greece went thru austerity measures after the occupy movement in the uS.  

Watching season 4 episode 10 queen B.

Beyonce just had a performance at Coachella that was all over the news..

Lucille bluth is in prison her inmate number is 07734 which is —hello upside down. =223
Also its the zip code in keansburg NJ 
Keansburg NJ = 122 = pope Francis= San Francisco 
She lives in a place called Balboa Towers reminds me of rocky balboa.
Balboa towers = 131, 43, 181, 74, 131(JO), 1301(jewish)

At sudden valley the new housing complex that Michel built under the new company name “ Michael B Company” the ground is always threatening to give way there, shaky ground, reminds me of Michael b Jordan and his connection to the rocky franchise through Creed.

Also I realized that Henry winkler plays a character named Barry in this series and in the series Barry he plays a guy named Gene. Barry is Barack’s nickname.
Barry = 239 Satanic
Henry and Ron Howard star in this as well as the show happy days which is the top that Mork and Mindy spun off of. Happy das originated the idea of jumping the shark meaning taking the show to an unbelievable place

Lucile one and Lucille two are talking and they mention keystone cops. PA is the keystone state.

Lucille and George are plotting to try to get the Chinese to pay fo the wall between Mexico and America. To do this they have to trick member of the - jade dragon triad = 131

George and OSCAR are TWINs , in this episode Lucille says that one of them deserves an oscar for their portrayal of the other

Terry crews plays a character named Herbert LOVE. Who’s a notorious cheater.

Lucille insists the Mexicans are waging a war on the fifth of may 
Cinco de mayo= 107


I was thinking about drummer boy quarters and wonders if there were minted in philly and they were as well as in Denver. The first rocky movie come out in 76 the year of the bicentennial. 
Drummer boy quarters = 91, 233
91 the 13th triangular number 
233 is the 13th Fibonacci number
Bicentennial quarter = 91

So i looked up 91 days from the end of the year it’s October first. Or 10/1
Philadelphia = 101
And as I’m looking at it it’s April 23rd and 161 days from today is October 1.  Hm. Thats the 40th week.

There’s a character named herbert love is a crooked politician .  The word Herbert means army.  His wife’s name is Ophelia which means help or serpentine,

The sixers just added a snake to their logo, which also now includes the liberty bell.


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